How does Matisoft antivirus benefit you

Saves money on internet usage

On internet usage as our technology does not require daily updates read more...

Install & Forget as everything is automatic

Everything is automatically handled as there is no need for manual scans & regular updates. read more...

Laptop battery lasts longer

because of our technology’s low resource utilisation your battery will last much longer compared to a conventional antivirus.read more...

Catches brand new viruses without any updates

because of Artificial Intelligence our engine can catch brand new viruses without any updates read more...

Do not loose any file to a virus attack

Do not loose any file/data to a virus attack with the help of our disinfect & recovery engine.read more...

No daily updates required

Our artificial intelligence based technology will be updated like any other normal application which might be around once in 30 days & still protect you from brand new & old viruses.read more...

Extremely fast on your computer

Experience your computer with speed & smoothness like never before. Our technology even works smoothly on old computers with less than 500 MB memory.read more...

About Matisoft

One of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence based cyber antivirus technology developed from the combined experience of ethical hackers, virus researchers & Artificial Intelligence experts. Having hands on experience of cyber security for more than 15 years we realised that there were big unsolved problems in this industry which were unknown to the users. We wanted to solve all of these problems of the conventional signature based antivirus which are,

Cannot catch new viruses

Daily updates required to catch viruses

Huge resource utilization which slows down the computer

False positives i.e. catching legitimate files as viruses

Loosing files & data to virus attacks

We knew that we had an uphill task to solve the above problems which even the industry believed to be impossible. It was this disbelief which fuelled our passion & conviction even further to achieve our goal. After 7 years of gruelling hard work, our perseverance finally paid off & we succeeded to take out a solution which was earlier considered impossible. This solution makes our software think like a human cyber security expert. We have emulated the brains of ethical hackers, virus researchers & Artificial Intelligence experts into our technology, thus our antivirus software has the logic & thinking of a human expert combined with the computational power of the computer which provides paramount protection against all types of viruses.

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